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The most important thing for all the online gamers to succeed is to be a great team player and the others as well. I am a DOTA player for lots of years now and I can easily say that is one of the best games that are available. I was a bit disappointed when DOTA 2 appeared, but only until I started to play it. I play DOTA 2 since august 2013 and I simply love this game and it’s extremely important to win all the games, even if you don’t actually win anything.

There are some problems when you play this game with random players and the main one is that they are not team players. There are three types of heroes in DOTA 2, the tank, which doesn’t die very easily and he is the first one to enter in battle, the support, who must play the game to help the other players and the carry, who must kill everyone.

Unfortunately killing all your adversaries is the best feeling in the world and when your name appears on the screen alongside with GODLIKE is simply amazing, but you can’t always be that player. This is something that many DOTA 2 players don’t really understand and when you play with other people around the world, they will always want to be the carry. I recently played a game when four players chose carry heroes, because they don’t think for the team, they are extremely selfish and only want to kill the others, which is a big mistake.

Being the carry has some advantages and disadvantages and you need a lot of support and farm at the beginning. In the first twenty minutes of the game, you only need to farm and gather XP and you must avoid battles as much as possible, because you don’t have enough life and damage to kill everyone. This is why one player must choose an early game carry and other player late game carry, but this will happen when all the players think for the team. It’s easy to lose a game when you are not aware of these facts and you play just for yourself. Playing DOTA 2 is not as simple as many people think, because you have to focus in so many places at the same time and you always have to contemplate on your next move, imagine your next move.

If you are a DOTA player, stop thinking just for yourself, because you will never be a good player and you should think for the hole team, even if there are some players that don’t do that in your team. It’s sad because you don’t know with whom you play, but this is not an important problem as long as all the players understand the game and how it must be played.

There are lots of championships of DOTA 2, but The International is the most important one and you should watch some games, to see how those players treat their team and no one is selfish to play just for them. It’s a 5 versus 5 game, not one versus everyone, bear that in mind.

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